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BETA for Community Development is a NNGO that started over 5 years ago with the intention of developing self-sustaining communities of South Sudan. It is fully registered by the government of South Sudan and is dedicated to support the people to live healthy and peaceful empowering an building their knowledge and skills in activities that will improve their livelihoods. The Organisation has professionals with experiences of over 10 years working with communities locally and across Africa.

Why BETA for Community Development?

BETA’s intention is “An empowered, healthy and peaceful community with skills to live self-sustainably”
Here are just a few reasons why NGOs team with BETA – South Sudan

  • We get results: Our professionals are motivated by a culture of innovation and invention guide responsive service and actionable insights—and we are confident in our outcomes.
  • We bring real-world challenges and knowledge to the table: We learn, train and sustain ideas with flexibility in approach to societal issues.
  • We’re experts across a wide range of industries: Collectively, our professionals have deep experience working as executives in NGOs and a wider industry including Government, Education and Health Care.
  • Community engagement: BETA engages communities and other project stakeholders, tougher with sponsors, donors, other INGOs, local Governments, communities and traditional leadership. BETA hopes to reduce public health risk and vulnerability of most vulnerable populations in South Sudan enabling them to access adequate, safe livelihoods.
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