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Dr. Ambrosoli Memorial Hospital

Year Started 1957
Bed Capacity 271

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The hospital is located in Oret Parish, Kalongo Town Council Agago District – Gulu Archdiocese, was founded by a Comboni Missionary Fr. Dr. Guissepe Ambrosoli, offers General Medical/Surgical as well specialised Gynaecological/surgical Services, also offers specialised HIV/AIDS services.

User fees account for averagely 9.8% of total Hospital annual Income while the Government subsidy accounts for 18.4% annual income.

It has annual OPD attendance of 26,012 contacts, 11,796 Admissions with BoR of 60.3% and 2,665 average annual maternal deliveries with a C/S rate of 15.3%.

The hospital has a Midwifery Training School—St. Mary’s Midwifery School for Certificate Midwifery courses and Midwifery Diploma (Extension). The school started in 1959. The diploma intake averages 15 annually while certificate courses average 50 – 55 annually.

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