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Mandate of the Uganda Catholic Medical Bureau

The UCMB is the health office of the Catholic Church in Uganda and the technical arm of the Health Commission, carrying out its day to day operations. It has the following Mission: “Enabling all for Faithfulness to the Mission of the Church in the Healing Ministry” It has the following functions:

Service oriented functions

  • Offering services in view of improving managerial, administrative, fiscal, legal capacities of Catholic Health Services either directly through is own staff or through purchased expertise.
  • Gathering and managing data/information in view of proving the relevance, cost efficiency / effectiveness and the social orientation of Catholic health services.
  • Gathering and disseminating relevant information for Catholic health services.
  • Facilitate the establishment of fora of common discussion, learning, collaboration, exchange of experience, identification of common problems and priorities.

Environment oriented functions

  • Advocating/lobbying for the Catholic health Services in front of Government, Private for Profit, International Agencies and Donor Community.
  • Representing Catholic health services before and liaising with Government.
  • Co-operating with Government in areas of health policy development, planning, quality assurance, training, etc.

Intra institutional functions (Catholic)

  • Facilitate the work of the Health Commission and of the Annual General Assembly.
  • Present to the Episcopal Conference and to the Ordinaries points of action required by the established policies highlight areas of non-compliance of Episcopal Conference/Ordinaries/Units with established policies and standards.

Read full text in the Mission Statement and Policy of Catholic Health Services in Uganda

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