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Sr. Catherine Nakiboneka

Sr. Catherine Nakiboneka

Sr. M. Catherine Nakiboneka is the Coordinator of the Catholic Health Training Institutions and Trainings (HTI/T) at Uganda Catholic Medical Bureau (UCMB)Since 2007. She coordinates supports and advocates for the agenda of Pre-service training in Catholic HTIs. She assures that affiliated HTIs access a full range of technical assistance UCMB provides to enable HTIs to use their capacity optimally and become effective partners in the national health training network. The health professionals trained in various coordinated HTIs work in both private and public health sector of Uganda to promote life to the full. She is responsible for in-service training of the health workers in Roman Catholic health facilities.

She spearheads the development of the complementary training manuals/ curricula which are used to impart required knowledge and skills in form of continuous medical education/continuous professional development (CME/CPD). Since 2015, Sr. M Catherine has been representing UCMB HTI network on Uganda Nurses and Midwives examination board; a tenure of three years; renewable once.

Sr. Nakiboneka served in a capacity of Hospital administrator at Nkozi hospital from 2000-2002 and as a Health Unit in-charge at Archbishop Kiwanuka –Mayirye Health centre from 1991-2000. Sr. M. Catherine Nakiboneka holds a MSc Health Service management, a bachelor Business Administration and Management, Bachelor of Nursing Sciences and a Diploma Clinical Medicine and community health. Besides she has done several short courses relevant to her job. Sr. M. Catherine is a religious member of the Institute of Immaculate Heart of Mary Reparatrix- Ggogonya.

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