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Uganda Catholic Medical Bureau Scholarship Fund

The Mission Statement and Policy of the Roman Catholic Church (RCC) Health Services in Uganda states that “The personnel of units and services will be professional in their work. High quality and professional standards will be the rule and to maintain these, there is a need for constant and continuous education and training. Professional posts will be filled with personnel with adequate qualifications”(Mission Statement and Policy of the Roman Catholic Church Health Services, June 1999 – Section B, Par. 9).

The Health Commission (HC) of the Episcopal Conference of Uganda through its Secretariat, the Catholic Medical Bureau (UCMB), has the mandate to facilitate training of personnel in and of RCC Health Services and Institutions. The need of qualified professionals is one of the main features in all RCC Health Services and Institutions and in Uganda at large.

The HC of the Episcopal Conference, aware of the needs expressed at all levels of the RCC Health Services and Institutions and of the prevailing difficulties they encounter to secure opportunities of training to their staff members has therefore mandated the Catholic Medical Bureau to establish a Scholarship Fund (Fund) (Minutes of the meeting of the Health Commission of the Episcopal Conference, 18.11.1999 – min. 24.99.)

The Fund is established with the support of interested donors and benefactors. For a proper understanding of this document the following definitions apply:
  • Applicant: The RCC Health Institution/Organisation applying
  • Beneficiary: The same Institution/organisation applying
  • Candidate/Trainee: The person for whom the applicant presents the request for scholarship

UCMB Scholarships are awarded twice a year to successful candidates. For More information read this Document

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