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Project Name: Strengthening Decentralization for Sustainability (SDS)
Project Status

Strengthening Decentralization for Sustainability (SDS) Project

The Strengthening Decentralization for Sustainability (SDS) with funding from PEPFAR has been implementing the HRH project. This was designed to respond to heath workforce crisis that is characterized by inadequate numbers, low retention, absenteeism, and the unequal distribution of health workers. UCMB has since September 2013 been working with SDS to strengthen human resources for health in the catholic network of health facilities.

The focus of the HRH support has been to ensure that high quality health workers are attracted, recruited and maintained in various health facilities in order to improve access to quality comprehensive HIV services within these centers. Initially only 95 staff were supported in 2013. Over time the program scaled up to support 231 staff in 53 health facilities across the country (10 hospitals, 2 HCIVs, 35 HCIIIs, and 6 HCIIs).

USAID/SDS supported HRH currently account for 4% of the total HRH within the Catholic health network—which has significantly improved technical quality (i.e. clinically qualified personnel) from 2% in 2013 to 4% in 2017.For every 10 Health workers in UCMB hospitals, 1 was supported by the SDS project.

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